November 8, 2010

Enter: Sweet Potato Tempura Sushi Rolls

I found this cool blog, Diet, Dessert and Dogs about a month ago and have loved it since. The writer is hilarious, cooks amazing vegan dishes, loves dogs and is Canadian! Win, win, win and win.

So, when I was updating myself on the entries the other day, I came upon the monthly Sweet or Savory contest featuring sweet potatoes and knew I HAD to enter. I knew almost immediately what I would be making. Sweet potato tempura sushi rolls!
I made this a few days later as I was really excited to see how they would turn out and wanted to enter the contest soon. Sushi rolls sound hard to create but I promise you, it is easy!

Firstly, I cooked up a cup of brown Japanese rice while researching vegan tempura batter recipes online. Vegan YumYum helped me out with this simple yet delicious recipe. I quickly mixed all the ingredients together omitting the egg replacer because I thought the flour (8 grain) would be sufficient and dense enough for frying.

Next, I worked on the cooked sweet potato. The night before I had cut a sweet potato in half and placed in a 400degree oven for about 30 minutes. I made sure it was fork tender before taking out of the oven. I wanted these potatoes to be cooked all the way through. Today that baby was nice and ready for the making. It was in the fridge so the potato sliced up easily up into short rectangles.

Next step was heating the oil. I put about 1 cup of vegetable oil into a small deep pan and turned the stove on to medium high heat. I put aside the potatoes and focused on preparing the rice and nori. As a disclaimer, I don't have a sushi roller mat and if I do this again, I will buy one but for now, I used plastic wrap that was placed on a cutting board. After flattening out the rice on the plastic wrap with a combination of my own fingers and a rolling pin, I placed a nori sheet on top and moved on.

I drenched the sweet potatoes in the tempura batter and added a few pieces at a time into the hot oil. I fried each batch for about one minute each and set to drain. After all the potatoes were fried up, I moved to the last step. Assembling the rolls.

On top of the rice and nori, I added some fried potatoes pieces and then rolled! I used saran wrap to wrap up the rolls. I did it as tight as I could using my hands but I know the sushi mat would have produced a better looking and tighter product. I lastly cut into rolls, about 1 inche thick pieces, and served up with some salt soy sauce.

What these rolls lacked in looks, they made up for in taste. The sweet potatoes were smooth and sweet. The rice; fluffy and sticky. Dipped in a bit of soy sauce, they were a great dinner. I am really proud I made these! Let me know if you make them. I would also like to get your reaction.

Here is the recipe

Tempura batter can be found here. Note that I didn't use egg replacer but go ahead if you like. I also used 8 grain flour
Sushi fixin's
1 cup cooked Japanese brown rice
~4 Sheets of nori
1 baked sweet potato
the tempura batter made with 8 grain flour

baked sweet potato

sliced sweet potato, part 1

sweet potato part 2, cut into small rectangles

In this order: nori sheet on top of cooked brown Japanes rice on top of saran wrap

sweet potatoes dipped in tempura batter, frying

sweet potato tempura

inside: sweet potato tempura. Rolls being rolled

finished product


heather in europe said...

I will need to try these, they look super! I love the color contrast with the orange of the sweet potato.

zablon said...

thanks for the recipe, i will try it out

Ricki said...

One of my all-time favorite types of sushi at our local place are tempura sweet potato with rice and topped with a mango puree. . . heaven! Your rolls look great, and really remind me of those favorites. Thanks so much for entering the SOS Challenge this month! :)