June 15, 2012

Three Cheers for the Weekend

Thank goodness for the weekend!! It cannot come fast enough for me.

This weekend I plan on...

-Making granola. I want to try this recipe from Oh She Glow.

- making vegan rice crispy squares (I found this amazing organic store downtown and am in love. They carry so many things I have seen online but was not able to get in this town. Score!)
 -Getting in a solid nap.Can't wait.
-Hiking with a friend
-Enjoying a movie
-Indulging in some organic and delicious vegan food
-Spending as much time as I can outside
-Starting my new "care for me" regime (more on that later)
-Getting in some solid workout time (I have a 5k that I am training for..more on that later also)

What about you? What are your plans for this gorgeous summer-like weekend?

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