August 12, 2013

YouTube to Blog - 50 Random Facts about Me

Months ago, YouTube had a tag called, "50 Random facts about me" and I enjoyed them during the craze. Well, I thought I would transfer the craze and tell you a few things about myself.

1. I love bookstores. I could spend an easy 5 hours in Chapters and not be satisfied

2. I LOVE handbags. I love designer bags and shop for them like crazy

3. I used to be an air cadet. (Fun fact: I went to orientation with my friend because she liked a guy who was flight sergeant. I loved the aspect of cadets so I joined that night. My friend did not join. Actually I was the only one of our friends who signed up for cadets)

4. One of my fav movies is, Baby Cakes

5. I cannot swim (and deathly afraid of stepping into large bodies of water as a result)

6. I am petrified of snakes. I mean, like, I would probably have a heart attack if I saw one slither in front of me (shuddering)

7. I love to watch synchronized swimming even though I cannot swim

8. I am MAD for nail polish...especially Chanel. I love most brands (higher end) but cannot stand cheaper brands because they just end up chipping like 5 mins later

9. My siblings are everything to me. Like everything!

10. I have 1 nephew and 2 nieces and it looks like that will be all for my parents in terms of grand-kids

11. My absolute favorite meal is caribean pelau (without the meat) but only when my mom makes it.

12. I adore watching make up tutorials, I mean LOVE (I used to hate the stuff until I found out about light weight foundations)

13. My fav show right now is Scandal

14.I am a seriously anxious person (It is something that I hid for years)

15. I am also very sensitive and my feelings get hurt extremely easy

16. It is hard for me to let things go. Negative things stay in my thoughts for weeks, months and certain issues, years.

17. I love clothes but have to be in the mood to shop

18. My worst job was working as a dishwasher at a restaurant. Lasted 3 days before I quit.

19. I don't understand art and have no interest in learning about it

20. Summer is my favorite season

21. My 2nd fav meal is spaghetti and red sauce....Yum!

22. I have known my best friend since 5th grade. We are still best buds today

23. I find keeping my car clean damn near impossible

24. Marriage looks super scary to me. And, not fun at all.

25. My fav video game is Sonic the Hedgehog

26. Pineapples are the best

27. I played barbies with my sisters until I was 16 because I was allowed to do nothing as a child/teen

28. I never rebelled and had no interest in rebelling when I was a teenager

29. I like working. I love my time off but usually itch to get back to being productive in my workplace

30. I have never broken a bone (fingers cross)

31. One of my biggest regrets is stopping french classes in university. I was excellent at the language now not at all

32. I had my nose pierced for about a week

33. I enjoy cooking and love baking

34. I sleep with the comforter even during the summer months (I know, strange)

35. I loved the show Sailor Moon and still do (so hilarious)

36. I love dancing...a lot but I cannot dance

37. My first crush, in grade 6 (that I can recollect) was a guy named Evan.

38. I fell in love with alternative music when I first heard INXS

39. I am 5'4"

40. I tried to read 50 Shades of Gray and could not do it

41. My fav hot drink at Second Cup is chai tea latte with soy milk

42. I am afraid of worms (and just think they are repulsive)

43. I have aspirations to get a Hermes bag one day

44. I loving going to the movies but am not a fan of watching them at home

45. I love tea but absolutely hate coffee

46. My first kiss was actually a mistake and it was embarrassingly late (age 23)

47.  I am an introverted person. Being around people takes energy from me and I need time daily to recharge by myself. When I go home to visit family, I lock myself in my room for at least an hour daily. I feel I cannot cope otherwise.

48. I am very impatient and hate people who walk slowly in front of me

49. My bladder is pretty weak and I need to pee like 10 mins after drinking anything

50. I am the official cheerleader for underdogs (probably because I am one of them 99% of the time)

So, that is about it for me. I hope you enjoyed this. Share with me a random fact about yourself.

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Beth O'Donnel said...

Number 49 is my favorite, oddly.